The Campsite – Mountain Guide Notes

Several things to know before building the campsite for the clients :
Location, should be considering several factors :
• The wind direction
• The rainfall, and the water direction
• The trees surrounding condition, (good, diagonal,broken)
The Conmfortability
• The tent condition should have in good condition. The roof, the floor, the frame
• While Building the tents, we have to precition, each parts of the tents should be applied perfectly, the connection, the frame, the cover, etc.
• Make sure the clients get the warm temperature inside of the tents
• Make sure the noise of the surrounding area does’nt disturbs the cilents sleeps

The view :
Pay attention of the clients request, such as if he/she wants get the good picture from the area. Choose the best location on campsite which the clients can get good view of panorama

The Layout of the campsite :
Orgainize the layout campsite, where is the clients tent, the guide tent and the porter tent and the toilet tents.

The teamwork :
The guide should have working together with the proter, clients arrives at the tents, the tent should have be ready for the clients