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Mount Rinjani Trekking

A. Rinjani Trekking 4D/3N (Summit & Lake, via Sembalun –> Senaru ) ITINERARY DAY 0 1 – 4 pm                               : Pick you up from Mataram city – Lombok. Transfer to Sembalun village (Rinjani starting point). Check in at Cemoro Siu guest house. Overnight at Sembalun village. DAY 1 5 – 7 am                               : Wake up, […]

Mount Raung Trekking

Raung, the hardest in java, the biggest in java.  Welcome to mount Raung, you’ll be making the great adventure at an altitude 3000 meters above sea level. After days of wet on tropical forest southern Raung. When you stand on a ridge of the giant crater, that’s when a fear will coming. A blend of […]

Mount Merapi Trekking

A. Merapi Night Trekking (Summit) ITINERARY 10 pm – 0.30 am               : Pick you up from Yogyakarta / Surakarta city. Transfer to New Selo Pass (Merapi north route starting point). 1 am                                      : Merapi trekking is getting started. 1 – 4.30 am                         : Trekking to Pasar Bubar plateau (last point / camp site, 1 […]