Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Prambanan Land is an area which located at east of Yogyakarta City. It has magnificent history since a long time ago. The Prambanan Complex is consist of several temple, with prambanan Temple as the main temple. Not to far from Prambanan Temple, we can found several temples, Lumbung Temple, Bubrah Temple and Sewu Temple.

The story of Prambanan is story of local people. The story is telling us about a man named Bandung Bondowoso wants to married with Roro Jonggrang. Roro Jonggrang ask some of requirements to Bandung Bondowoso in case if he wants to married with her. Bandung Bondowoso should have to build 1000 of temple on one night. Legends tell us that Bandong Bondowoso were well known of his super power, he ask for help from the creation of another worlds to assist him in building the temples. And then he almost did it. Early in the morning Bandung Bondowoso has built 999 temples, Roro Jonggarang doesn’t want to marry with him. So that She asked for help from the people to make an artificial morning situation, such us make a fire, prepare the rice field etc. Bandung Bondowoso knows that Roro Joggrang is cheating. He was getting angry, and give curse to Roro Joggrang, and Roro Joggrang became stone, to complete the Temples become 1000 temples.
The local people gave the name of the temples as Roro Jonggrang Temple, or Prambanan Temple because the temple is standing in Prambanan Lands. Nowadays Prambanan Temples become one of most popular tourism objects at Yogyakarta. The beaufitul of Prambanan Temple is more complete by Senratari Ramayana Dance. The sendratari Ramayana is performing until now. Usually held in open theater Trimurti on the backside of Prambanan Temple