Mt. Semeru, The Rooftop of Java, Indonesia

Mt. Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island. With the altitude of 3676 meter above sea level, hiking semeru become popular activities to every nature lover & traveler. Semeru Trekking is starting from Ranupani. Hiking Trail of Ranu Pani village is the most popular for Mt. Semeru Trekking acticvities. Ranu Pani village is located at the slope of Mount Semeru. Ranu Pani village’s trails has two branches : Watu Rejeng path and Ayek-Ayek paths. From Ranu Pani we will trekking pretty much flat and then climb up to the summit. Excess climbing Mount Semeru than other mountains in Java, the track of Semeru Trekking will lead us to go through to such very complete and extraordinary landscape of tropical specific. The view that we will meet, among others, in the form of savannah, lavender flower gardens, hills, forests, lakes, various flowers, a variety of fauna, fog, small mountains Nearby Mount Semeru.

The nearest town to Semeru Trekking basecamp Ranupani is Malang City. So, Malang city should be your first destination from wherever you are. There are some direct flights from Jakarta to Malang City. If you can’t find direct flight, you can choose flight to Surabaya, and then continue to Malang by private car or public transport about 3 hours. From Malang town we can ride public transportation from Bus Terminal Arjosari to Tumpang Sub District. Then, Connected again with a jeep 4WD widely available in the front of Tumpang Market

Ranupani Village

Ranupani Village

Previously we stopped in at Gubugklakah to obtain a permit, By using a jeep, journey begins from Overlapping to Ranu Pani, the last village at the Mt. Semeru’s slope. Here, there is a checkpoint, there are also stalls and the Cottage Inn. In this area, we can also look for the porter (local residents to help orientate climbing, lifting and cooking). Climbers can also spend the night at the guard post. In Pos Ranu Pani also has two lakes namely Ranu Pani (1 ha) and Ranu Regulo (0.75 ha). Located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level.

Now, semeru trekking is getting started. After arriving at the “Welcome to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park” gate, pay attention to keep to the left toward the hill, do not follow the wide street toward the villager’s farm field. In addition to the usual path through which the climbers, there is also a shortcut that is usually used by local climbers, this path is very steep.The initial path ramps, down the hillside dominated by reed plants. There was no sign signpost street, but there are signs measure the distance to each 100m. There are many fallen trees and branches above the head.

After walking about 5 km through the hillside which overgrown by edelweiss flower, we will arrive at Watu Rejeng. Here there is a very beautiful steep rock. The scenery is very beautiful over the valley and the hills. This area is overgrown with spruce and pine forests. Sometimes we can see smoke from the Mt. Semeru’s summits. Next destination is Ranu Kumbolo Lake. To reach Ranu Kumbolo still have a distance of about 4.5 km.



Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2,400 m above sea level, with an area of 14 ha. In Ranu Kumbolo can set up a tent. There is also a climbers hut (shelter). There is a lake with clean water and had a beautiful view especially in the morning. We can watch the sunrise on the sidelines of the hill. There are many fish, sometimes wild grouse. From Ranu Kumbolo, it’s better to prepare as much water as possible. We will Leaving Ranu Kumbolo by climb a steep hill, with a very nice view at the back towards the lake. In front of the hill stretches a vast meadow called Oro – Oro Ombo. Oro-oro Ombo surrounded by hills and mountains with beautiful views, It’s an Wide meadow area with slopes and overgrown with pine trees, just feels like at Europe. From behind Mt. Kepolo looked tops of Mt. Semeru belching smoke. Further into the pine forest where birds and deer sometimes encountered. This area is called Cemoro Kandang. After trekking about 2 hours in Cemoro Kandang area, we will reach at Kalimati. between Kalimati and Cemoro Kandang, we will arrive at Jambangan, someplace that you can see top of Semeru from here



Kalimati is located at an altitude of 2,700 m above sea level, here you can set up a tent to rest. The form of this area is a kind of vast grasslands on the edge of pine forest. So that we will find a lot of available twigs to make a fire. There is a spring water source called Sumber Mani, just go to the west from Kalimati area, it’s needs about 1 hour to reach Sumbr Mani. In KALIMATI and in Arcopodo there are many mountain rat.
To Reach Arcopodo we can directly go to north path of Kalimati Shelters area. It’needs about 1 hour to reach Arcopodo from Kalimati. We will through a very steep area contains of pine forest. The land is very dusty in dry season. It’s better we use eyeglasses and mask because so many dust during our trips to Arcopodo. In Arcopodo we can also set camp, but it’s not recommended, because the area is tiny, easy to landslide and dusty. Arcopodo is located at altitude of 2900 m above sea level. This area will be the last of vegetetatin area in Mt. Semeru. After that we will facing only sandy area to the summit

From Arcopodo to Semeru’s Summit needs 3-4 hours, through very steep hills of sand. For the trip guidance to the top, some time we will meet small red triangle flag on the track. But some flag now disappear. It’s better to leave Every our belongings in Kalimati area before trek to the summit. But don’t forget to bring food with good calories like chochlate, potatoes, and mineral water for each summiter. NEVER depending these logistic to your friend. It’s good also if we bring emergency blanket for summit attack. The best time to summit attack from Arcopodo is early in the morning arouung 2.00 am. If you start from Kalimati, it’s better to Start from 00.00 am Summit attack is the hardest part of Semeru Trekking. So good luck, always pay attention, be aware.. you will get the rooftop of java, “Mahameru”