Merbabu Night Trekking,Mr. Reich,USA

Merbabu Night Trekking, Christopher Reich, Boston,USA

the trip had been started at midnight, little bit cloudy in the early morning,
we can see the mt.merapi tops just for a while, then it has been covered
by the fog..Mr Reich is preety fast, he is a runner,

we reached the savanna 2 on 3.00 am,July 27th s017, so we decided to made a flying camp,
sleep for a while, and then the summit attack..
congratulation Mr Reich, you have been reached Mt. Merbabu’s peak 3.124 m above sea

thank you mr Reich for trusting us in organizing Merbabu Trekking rip.
see you on antoher adventure,,be brave


merbabu mr. reich 2


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