Merapi, Semeru, Raung

Java is one of 5 largest Island in Indonesia. There are 13 volcanoes on Java. We’re offering you to climbs
volcanes in Java, they are Mt. Merapi, Mt. Semeru & Mt. Raung. We will start at Yogyakarta city, wheres is Mt. Merapi Located, and finish the trips on Banyuwangi which Mt. Raung Located. Merapi is the Most Active volcanes, an right now, it’s still outing the smoke & sulphur regularly. Mt. Semeru is the highest one in Java Island, we will find a
completely tropical climate ecosystem in Mt. Semeru area. and the last one would be Mt. Raung. Try the hardest trekking route in Java, complete with rope techniuqie for the summit atack, be brave!!

for the details, please download the package here :


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