TOTAL EP Indonesia on Mt. Raung Trekking

The mountain trekking trip to “Sejati” Peak of Mount Raung has been done. The most difficult route to the top on Java. Congratulation to our client from TOTAL EP Indonesia, they have been reached to “Sejati” peaks safely. The teams are Philippe Grouiex, Imam Herawadi, Handri Ramdhani, Hendy Wismayandi, Qardian Anhar, Pujo Rachmanto, Nur Mahfudin, and Siswo Prayitno. Going to the top of Sejati Peaks it’s not too easy, we have to know how to use rope technique and off course, we’ve must had brave enough to facing the peak area of Mt. Raung. Thanx for all supporting team. See you on next trip, and be brave

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