Segara Anak, Paradise at Mt. Rinjani, Lombok

There is no doubt about the beauty of Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indoneisa. It’has so many beautiful tourism objects. Beach and the underwater, Lombok also has another nature tourism objects. One of them, a very must visit is Segara ANak Lake which located at Mt. Rinjani.

According to story from the local people, the name of this lake is Segara anak which the meaning is Son of the ocean. Because the color of the lake is blue, just similar with the color of ocean. So far, not to easy to reach Segara Anak lake. The visitors should have walking about 9 hours.

Although it’s quite though acitivity, believe it or not, after we reach the lake, we will get the rewards by the incredible panorama, and your tired feel it’s just like disappeared. One of the uniqueness from Sagara Anak village, we will find a mountain on the center of the lake, Mt. Baru Jari.

On Surrounding of Segara Anak, visitor can find several hot springs. We can take a bath here, or maybe just rendam your leg to decrease your tired feel after walking all day. For the Sasak tribe (local tribe at Lombok), the water from the hot springs, can cure many types off illness

Because of it’s beauty, many visitors choose to stay one night by building a tents near the lake. It’s better to enjoy the Sagara Anak lake beauty longer time. Let’s camps guys ?

River at Segara Anak lake
River at Segara Anak lake

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