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Mt. Merapi is one the most active volcano in the world. It’s located approximately 40 km north of Yogyakarta City. The 2010’s eruption of merapi, is the largest eruption that ever happened in Merapi. The eruption caused some damage, especially on some village in radius 4 km – 8 km from peak of Merapi. The ex-eruption is interesting enough to attract visitors to see the impact of Merapi Eruption. Usualy, the visitor come to see the impact of Merapi eruption on the south slope using 4WD jeep, or well known as “Jeep Lava Tour Merapi”.

There are 3 main spots which tourist will visit during the Lava Tour Merapi, the first one is Museum Rumahku (My House Museum). We will visit original house at local village that has been damaged by the lava, where we can see the house equipment has been destroyed by the hot of hot smoke of Merapi. The next object that we will visit is Batu Alien (Stone of Alien). Actually this is such a really big stone, as big as a cars. Local people says Alien, because the shape of the stone just like a face of human.

Museum Rumahku Lava Tour Merapi
Museum Rumahku Lava Tour Merapi










And finally, the last destination of the lava tour Merapi will be “The Destroyed Bunker”. Bunker is a space for emergency situation where people can escape to inside of bunker when the hot smoke or lava is coming down from the peak of Merapi. At 2006, two volunteers went to inside of the Bunker when the Merapi were erupted. But unfortunately, the temperature isolator system of the bunker is malfunctioned. It’means the temperature of hot smoke with 1000 degree celcius is still coming inside to the bunker. So that those two volenteers died inside of the bunker.

Explore the slope of Merapi and see the impact of Mt. Merapi eruption will give us such experience and education. We will amaze by the power of the Alamighty GOD. Ann we will realize that humans being is only such a little things in this worlds. Human can do nothing face the power of Almighty GOD. And finally Mt . Merapi is only a creature that has been created by the GOD, and Mt. Merapi only obeying the GOD. ALLOH Subhanahu wata’ala.

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  1. allina says:

    wisata wajib kalau mengunjungi Jogjakarta, walaupun agak mengerikan mengunjungi museum “sisa hartaku”, mengingatkan kita akan keagungan Tuhan pencipta alam semesta
    dibalik bencana terdapat manfaat yang luar biasa

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