Mount Tambora Trekking

10 April 1815, mount Tambora erupted. Tambora eruption is the largest observed eruption in recorded history. The explosion was heard 2600 km away, and ash fell at least 1300 km away. One of the greatest disaster in the world. After eruption, Tambora has a big caldera, greatest crater in Indonesia’s ring of fire (diameter : 7 kilometers, depth : 1 kilometer)

Equator Indonesia invites you to reach mount Tambora summit on altitude 2850 meter above sea level. And seeing the wonder of Tambora!

Mount Tambora located at Sumbawa island. One of volcanic archipelago chain in Indonesia. Trekking to Tambora summit is one of the greatest experience for volcano trekking in Indonesia. it is not a wasted journey. Join us! Check our packages.

At the edge of the caldera
At the edge of the caldera


Pick you up from Bima airport, Sumbawa island, Nusa Tenggara Barat. And then transfering your team to Calabai, North Dompu (0-50 meter above sea level). 4 hours from Bima airport. Calabai is small district on the west side of Tambora. Beautiful place with foreshore landscape on the west. Moyo island in front of you, covering sunset from Calabai beach.
Overnight at Calabai village (homestay)

6 – 8 am : Prepare for Tambora trekking, breakfast at the village with traditional food of fisherman village.
8 – 9.30 am : Going to forest gate of Pancasila trekking route (500 meter above sea level) with motorcycle.
10 – 1 pm : Trekking to Pos 1 (1200 meter above sea level). Great forest canopy along the journey. It’s really Indonesia’s rain forest. Be careful, many leeches on the track. Take a rest here for simple lunch.
1 – 3 pm : Continue the journey to Pos 2 (1300 meter above sea level). Flat and long track across the rain forest. Pos 2 is a small hut on the valley. Small river is there, clean water for drink and cooking is available.
Overnight at Pos 2 (tent)

6 – 8 am : Wake up, breakfast and prepare for second day trekking.
8 – 1 pm : Trekking to Pos 4 (1900 meter above sea level). Track is getting steep . Different vegetation after Pos 3 (1600 meter above sea level). Pine grows here. And many “jelatang” live along the track. “Jelatang” (Stinging nettle/Urtica dioica) is a plant whose hairy leaves. Can irritate the skin on contact. Be careful here. Take a rest on Pos 4 for simple lunch
1 – 3 pm : Continue the journey to Pos 5 (2080 meter above sea level). Spend last night here before attacking the summit tomorrow morning.
Overnight at Pos 5 (tent)


2 am : Wake up, coffee time, and prepare for summit attack.
3 – 6 am : Mount Tambora summit attack. The most difficult step on Tambora trekking. Catch up the morning landscape of Tambora caldera. No trees again. Just shrubs, cantigi and edelweiss on sands and rocks.
6 – 7 am : 2850 meter above sea level, the highest point of Tambora crater. Stand on the peak of Sumbawa island. Seeing the greatest caldera in Indonesia’s ring of fire. Many small crater on the caldera, blowing smoke of solfatara. The biggest is Doro Api Toi.
7 – 8 am : Down to Pos 5. Satonda island and Moyo island visible on the way back home from altitude.
8 – 10 am : Breakfast at Pos 5
11 – 7 pm : Down to Pancasila village on the same route.
7 – 8 pm : Drive to Calabai village.
Overnight at Calabai village (homestay)

Going back to Bima city.
The end of services

Trekking down from the summit
Trekking down from the summit


  • Transportation (with AC), Bima – Pancasila village – Bima
  • Guide
  • Porter (carry up our food, water, tents, camping equipment)
  • Tents
  • Simple room at Pancasila village guest house (2 nights)
  • Snack and water
  • Day 0 : dinner, day 1 : breakfast, simple lunch, dinner, day 2 : breakfast, simple lunch, dinner, day 3 : lunch after summit attack, dinner
  • Entry ticket for domestic guest
  • Insurance



  • Porter for private equipment / camera equipment
  • Entry ticket for foreign guest
  • Other trip request
  • Extra room / bed at the guest house



  • Jacket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping matras
  • Long trouser, long shirt, shirt and substitutes
  • Rain coat
  • Head gear
  • Gloves and socks
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Trekking shoes
  • Private medicine
  • Copy of Indonesian KTP or passpot
  • Medical Certificate of Health from hospital / doctor. For National Park registration



contact us by e-mail or mobile phone / whatsapp+6281328173781 (jarody hestu)



  • Send e-mail to for trip request, our reply with trip package attachment will be sent 3 days later.
  • Please confirm the trip 3 – 4 weeks before with down payment (50 % from total price).
  • Down payment with bank transfer / western union / paypal.
  • Full payment before / after the trip, cash payment.
  • Currently, not suffering heart disease.
  • Prepare your physics as good as possible.
  • If client canceling the trip, the payment cannott be refunded.
  • If a cancellation due to force majeure (volcanic activity, earthquake, search and rescue operation, forest fires), payment will be refunded


Tambora caldera
Tambora caldera

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