Caving Jomblang

There is a lot of beauty under the ground of Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Here,one of the most important karst ecosystems in Indonesia, Gunungkidul. Gunungkidul karst save the backup of water, the source of people’s lives on it. And for several years, cave explore activities become something useful for local wisdom.

Some caves have functioned as the special interest tourism, adventure tourism. Jomblang cave and Grubug cave in Wonosari, Gunungkidul become one of them. The most sought after in this place is the fall of thousands light into the underground river at a depth of 100 meters Grubug hole. We called it ray of light.

There is also antoher cave next to Jomblang Cave, It’t Pindul Cave.  it’s located not too far from Jomblang Cave, it’s only needs 30 minutes to reach Pindul Cave by car. There is undergrounds river inside of the cave. We will explore the cave by tubing.

 Equator Indonesia invites you to feel the sensation of Jomblang cave exploring & Pindul Cave Tubing. Join us on the darkness, be brave 🙂




  • 7.30 am : We will pick you up at Jogjakarta city (hotel, train station, airport, etc).
  • 7.30 – 09.30 am : Drive to Jomblang cave, Gunungkidul, southeast of Jogjakarta.
  • 09.30 am : We have arrived at Jomblang cave karst area.
  • 09.30 – 10.30 am : Prepare to descend the hole, installing an equipment to your body. Our cave instructor will help you.
  • 10.30 am : Descend the Jomblang hole with human belay system, an easy system for beginner (training is not necessary). Cave instructor will dropping you down slowly to the base of the hole, 40 meters vertically, with a rope attached to your body.
Descending the hole


  • 10.30-11 am : Dry trekking into the other hole, Grubug cave. Light is necessary here. Nearly to Grubug hole, you will hear the rustling of underground river. Eventually the light was beginning to look and finally, the ray of light is coming down from the hole above us.
Across the darkness
Silhouette of the cavers


  • 11-1 pm : We have arrived at Grubug hole, 80 meters above us. 20 meters below us is the underground river. The first sight is a thousand light falling on the flowstone (cave ornament), the ray of light. Nice moment for photograph. But remember, don’t stand on this rock. Thousands of years to create this stone from water. Naturally.
Ray of light
The hole of Grubug


Grubug hole has a diameter of 15 meters and a depth of 100 meters. Some expert caver prefer to descending here. More adrenaline, they said.

The underground river


Many ornaments below us, on the underground river. So, we will go down on the river. Must be carefully here. Slippery, because every time is wet.

  • 1-1.30 pm : Back to the base of Jomblang hole, prepare to ascending up the hole.
  • 1.30-2 pm : You will ascend the hole with hauling system (an easy system for beginner). Instructor will hauling you toward the top with a rope attached on your body.
Instructor will hauling you toward the top
  • 2-4 pm : Take a lunch, Transfer to Pindul Cave by Car
  • 02.15 pm – 03.30 pm       Pindul Cave Tubing
    • 03.30 pm – 05.30 pm       Back to Yogyakarta
  • 4 pm : End of Trip


    • Guide and cave instructor
    • Lunch
    • Cave equipment
    • Boat shoes and helmet
    • Licensing
    • Transportation, Jogja-Jomblang cave-Jogja
    • Medicine
    • Insurance



  • Gloves and socks
  • Sport shoes or sandal
  • Clothes and substitutes (not jeans)
  • Private medicine
  • Bath equipment
  • Camera



Please download the details here



  • Send e-mail to or Contact Us via Mobile/WhatsApp+62 857 1231 5707 | +62 812 965 1987
  • Please settle 50 % of the payment a week before caving. The next 50% will be paid after caving. A payment by bank transfer. Below are our bank information :
  • Name of Bank : Bank Mandiri
  • Account Name : Nurul Fitriani
  • Account Number : 137 0010 354 245
  • SWIFT Code / Bank Identifier Code : BMRIIDJA, or
  • Name of Bank : Bank Central Asia
  • Account Name : Fajar Suryo Iswor0
  • Account Number : 037 306 1651
  • SWIFT Code / Bank Identifier Code : CENAIDJAIf client canceling the trip, the payment can’t be returned. If a cancellation due to force majeure, payment will be refunded.
  • For more information, contact us : Phone/SMS/WhatsApp +62 812 9651 987 | +62 857 1231 5707

3 thoughts on “Caving Jomblang”

  1. Hello All

    Just thought I’d close this topic off, and say a big thanks to those who responded to my questions.

    We had a brilliant time in Yogyakarta, but here are my final notes:

    1) Borobudur gets very crowded at about 7am on the weekends. Therefore, get up to the site at 6am when it opens (or spend a night at the hotel within the grounds) and enjoy it before the crowds come. We were there at 6, and the temple itself is amazing…. but once the tour groups start rolling in, then you spend more time getting out of other peoples way.

    2) We went to Borobodur with a company organised through the tourist information office on Malioboro, “Great Tours”. They were ok, but I would shop around for one of the many tours that other people may have recommended.

    As I mentioned above, you get to the site for 6am, by which time the sun has already risen. Therefore, if you want to be there for sunrise, book yourself into the hotel within the grounds of Borobodur.

    On this tour, before going back to Yogya, we went to the Ketep Pass viewing point for Mount Merapi. Here, you get to appreciate how Merapi dominates all of those around it, and the destruction it can cause on a regular basis.

    3) From talking to people in Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo is over 8 hours away in a car (You can also get a train most of the way too). We therefore decided that for a short weekend break, there would not be enough time to do this and see all the other things in Yogya. Therefore Bromo will have to be saved for the next trip.

    4) Even though it was rainy season, it rained very little for the 5 days that we were in Yogyakarta (end of January 2012). From what I was told, Mt Merapi is being climbed each day at the moment. The only reason we didn’t, is because we didn’t fancy the all day hike on our ‘relaxing’ break. Apparently though, if you wish to climb, I hear that you set off at midnight in order to be at the top for sunrise, and then it takes just a few hours to get back down.

    If you would like to go to Mt Merapi, then Equator-Indonesia ( are a good firm who we did the Jomblang Cave with (below).

    5) So, on our final full day in Yogyakarta, we managed to arrange a visit to the Jomblang cave with Tim (previous post), many thanks for your recommendation…. this day was definitely the best day of our whole trip!!

    It is a 2 hour drive out of Yogya, and you should aim to set off as early as possible (6/7am). Once you arrive, you notice that tourism here hasn’t gone crazy just yet…as the cave is not even fenced off 🙂 But after putting on some fetching red/yellow jump suits and drinking some nice hot tea, while watching the guides set up all the safety equipment, we were lowered down on a rope (connected to a harness and safety rope) about 40 metres or so to the bottom. We then walked through the cave system, into the Grubug Cave and its underground river. You, and only your group will then sit and admire the awesomeness of the cave, with the midday-sun’s rays piercing through the hole 80m above… lighting up the one side of the cave… and then you can jump into a safe part of the river! Once you have had a quick snack and walked back to the Jomblang cave, you will then be pulled up by the guides (The guides pull themselves up which made us feel slightly guilty…).

    The whole experience is amazing, and we would like to say a big thanks to Jarody and his team at for organising the trip.

    For those looking to do this in future, try to get at least 5 people in your group… this will bring down the cost, as of-course there has to be a minimum number of guides to assist you to get in and out of the cave.

    On that note… many thanks again to all of those who responded… Yogya is an amazing place.


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