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Promo Merbabu Hiking,weekly on friday

MERBABU SUNRISE   Mount Merbabu, standing 3142 meters above sea level beside the most active volcano in Indonesia, Mount Merapi. Merbabu was erupted thousands years ago, and “sleep” right now.  On this journey, you can seeing relic of the old volcano. Old volcano is sleeping, and tropical grassy plain is growing up on the neck […]

Promo Merapi Lava Trek,Weekly Trip on Saturday

Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes. 45 active volcanoes located in Java island. Mount Merapi, 2930 masl (meters above sea level), the most active volcano in Indonesia is standing there. Located in the center of Java island, standing together with Mount Merbabu, 3142 masl. Merbabu was erupted thousands years ago, and “sleep” right now. But Merapi […]

Merbabu Night Trekking,Mr. Reich,USA

Merbabu Night Trekking, Christopher Reich, Boston,USA the trip had been started at midnight, little bit cloudy in the early morning, we can see the mt.merapi tops just for a while, then it has been covered by the fog..Mr Reich is preety fast, he is a runner, we reached the savanna 2 on 3.00 am,July 27th […]

Corporate Tour & Outing, Jawa Bali Lombok

Dear travelers, do you want to travels with your corporate mates or your communities in Indonesia? Don’t have to doubt for trusting your Corporate tour & outing to Equator Indonesia. We’re an experienced tour organizer especially on adventure and cultural trip in Indonesia. Our service is avaliable on Java, Bali and Lombok Area. The special […]

Merapi, Semeru, Raung

Java is one of 5 largest Island in Indonesia. There are 13 volcanoes on Java. We’re offering you to climbs volcanes in Java, they are Mt. Merapi, Mt. Semeru & Mt. Raung. We will start at Yogyakarta city, wheres is Mt. Merapi Located, and finish the trips on Banyuwangi which Mt. Raung Located. Merapi is […]

TOTAL EP Indonesia on Mt. Raung Trekking

The mountain trekking trip to “Sejati” Peak of Mount Raung has been done. The most difficult route to the top on Java. Congratulation to our client from TOTAL EP Indonesia, they have been reached to “Sejati” peaks safely. The teams are Philippe Grouiex, Imam Herawadi, Handri Ramdhani, Hendy Wismayandi, Qardian Anhar, Pujo Rachmanto, Nur Mahfudin, […]

Java3000 Volcanoes Circuit

Concept of java3000 volcanoes circuit. Java island is a part of Indonesian archipelago. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is here. Small island with 1000 km length, but the majority of the population of Indonesia. 12 volcanoes with an altitude +3000 meters above sea level standing here. The highest volcano is Mount Semeru (3676 masl). […]

Mt. Sumbing Trekking with Germany Team

Prepare Mount Sumbing Trekking 1-2 Maret ini. Mt. Sumbing Trekking with Germany team, on 1-2 March 2017 congratulation to Steffen Begander, Stefan Tralls, and Ronni Gottsclich, yo have reached the top of Mt. Sumbing,, see you on another adventure br brave..

Mt. Argopuro Trekking Route

We have uploaded Mt. Argopuro Trekking by Suunto movescount account. The total length was 46.8 km. The routes was taken by GPS Garmin 76 CSX. You can follow this route, by just entering the coordinate on your Suunto Watch. And don’t forget to find the good time to climbs Mt. Argopuro. Usually at dry season, […]